Such an Odd Res...

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  1. So I had to geet a book to YOU12MAEC, and when I spawn on SMP3, and this happened:
    This is odd, this was after the resets, if that means anything...
    Also,you have no perms on this res, odd. Someone should claim this res.
  2. I've seen this before on smp5!
  3. Same on utopia the other day, i notified R0bbie and she said it meant the res was in the middle of resetting and just glitched.
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  4. Custom enter and exit messages.
  5. Glitch. A very very very bad one.
  6. I saw this before you :3
  7. Hehehe I'm such a good person your answer is:
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  8. Troll level: Enter and exit messages.
  9. So? I did it cause some people are so annoying and keep asking me for my residences.
  10. So I see you dropped your supporter rank to iron. Did you give in? I don't get why you have such a big problem with me, your replies to me come off harsh.
  11. Trolololololo:rolleyes:
  12. Lol yea I have to for a week/two. I didnt give in and I am just that way and/I am kind of goin through a few issues in life. >.>
  13. Wait, so this is your res? How ironic that I chose this location as a meeting place for the book trade... Wow...
  14. Lmao :pP
  15. Sorry.
  16. Not your fault ;)
  17. I knew it in the first place -_-
  18. Uh huh..
  19. Mmmmmhhhhhmmmm....
  20. Well I have to admit something...you12 is a nice guy...actually I was one of those annoying people asking for his reses..and he was nice enough to let me have it :) Thank You, You :p