Such a beautiful day today :)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Roslyn, Mar 8, 2013.

    I haven't seen that thing since the heatwave in October 2011. Stupid England >.>
    My day has also been...beautiful...
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  2. It's friggin freezing in CA! :(
  3. Seattle can relate.
  4. it's really gloomy here in Texas :p
  5. Lol i live in CA, just a different part, now it's cold again. The clouds rolled back in over the sun
  6. I love how it starts pouring, then stops to beautiful weather, and then decides to go back to pouring rain. :)
  7. It was a beautiful evening when I took this...
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  8. Actually, in February-March 2012 we had 2 heatwaves and the other days were boiling... then it just started raining. It rained all summer :C Had one sunny day, and went to the beach in the Summer. Then, I went to the beach while I was on holiday in August (I go in april or may every year, and then again in August) and it rained there.
    And in late January to early February this year it was snowing every day for 20 days xD
  9. Marvelous, that's a great shot of the sun line under the mountain rim shadow
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