Stupidest EMC Fails?

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  1. What are your stupidest EMC fails? Mine are probably accidentally smelting a labor bench and just now I made 23 empty firework rockets :p
  2. Anything I've ever built :3

    But surisosly. I once accidentaly made a DC of ubreaking 3 smite V books. I don't even know what I did with them...

    And I was playing tekkit with a few people from emc and we went to the moon and died and I think I was in limbo and was almost crying I was so freaked out... I'm weird :3
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  3. Swearing about 1 year ago :p
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  4. My biggest fail was when my friends and I were jumping off a really high platform, and when I did the countdown. I accidently spelled HUMP instead of JUMP.
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  5. I was exploring in Utopia, pillaging temples and pyramids, and I was really, really far out.. I had not yet returned to my base to catalog my finds and found another pyramid and was excavating down into the burial chamber and knocked out the pressure plate to deactivate the trap and right at that moment, a creeper decided that I need a hug and I was on top of one of the chests and couldn't jump back up, but the creeper exploded.. Although I survived the creeper hug, the explosion activated the tnt layer and I died from the fall damage in the new cavern that was created underneath the pyramid.. :oops:
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  6. Ooh, I've got plenty. One time I was crafting a set of iron armor, but when I made the helmet, I accidentally put like eleven ingots in each spot instead of one. And then when I went to get the helmet, I shift-clicked it. Result: Tries to make full set of iron armor, gets eleven helmets instead. Another fail:

    Hashhog3000: Hey, let's go have a Nether adventure! We can get some quartz.
    Friend: Okay, let's gear up and go!
    Five minutes later...
    Hashhog3000: C'mon, let's go this way. Here, I built a little covered bridge before we came so that we can cross with ease!
    Friend: K. Hey, look, a massive group of pigmen! Let's get some easy gold!
    Hashhog3000: NO! Don't hit the pigs! They'll kill us!
    Friend: *Hits a pigman*
    Hashhog3000: *Watches idly as friend is murdered by massive group of pigmen, only managing to kill one or two*
    Hashhog3000: Ha, told you so- OH CRAP! *Sprints away as pigmen start running towards him after killing friend*
    Hashhog3000: *Hunger bar drops to three, Hash stops to eat food, pigmen arrive and kill him*
    Friend: Hey, Hash! What happened to you? I got killed by pigs, I don't think you saw.
    Hashhog3000: I saw. -_-

    From now on, I will always remember that when somebody hits the pigs, the pigs don't care who they kill. Wise knowledge indeed. What's another fail... oh yeah. At the mobarena...

    Hashhog3000: I know I won't win, but I'm gonna go out fighting! I can feel it, I'm gonna do great this time!
    Countdown: 3
    Countdown: 2
    Countdown: 1
    *A ton of creepers drop out, killing hashhog3000 within three seconds*

    Another mobarena failure. I walked up to the top floor as a new player, and when I got over the first floor where the mob arena was, it told me I was within the arena and could die. So I thought I would fight on the top floor. Two seconds after the arena started, I was wondering why no mobs were coming after me. :p
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  7. Oh, here's another one. This was in an SSP world, though. And it might be the stupidest thing I've ever done.

    Basically, I had a little cottage with a basement and everything. So, in the basement, I built a little passage underground around the cottage and then proceeded to make little traps; the monster falls in the hole, it can't see you because only its feet are visible in the passage, you just kill it by hitting its feet. I was kind of a noob, so I had used the tutorials of Paul Soares Jr. to build the holes, the surrounding wall of the house, and almost the entire cottage itself. But anyway, after building the holes, night fell. I just hung around, filling chests, crafting and smelting. Then morning arrived. I walk out of my cottage, armed with a sword and axe, prepared to go get some wood. I here a soft noise, and I walk over to one of the holes right next to the door to get into the cottage's front yard. I look down into it, and I see a creeper. The only thing I think before that creeper explodes, destroying a good part of the wall, passage, and a few of the holes, is Huh. From then on, I always checked the holes using the passage before I went outside. I didn't want a repeat of that stupidity.
  8. Heres my biggest empire fail, I was going to build a gold farm above the nether so i ended pearled and died in the bedrock. All my items got stuck above the bedrock. And now I cant get then back because the server tps you into the safe zone once you get up there.
  9. When I was building the lobby of 1148 (the wool and glass arches) I built one a block off and it took me 4 hours of frustration until I figured out why the design didn't fit.
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  10. Building the circle base of 4430 yesterday >.> It wouldn't work out till I finaly got it after 2 hours...
  11. Lets see... that time I went afk like 30 mins ago and died by slime (while wearing god armor and 2 or 3 god picks...)... guess thats what I guess for going afk in a place where only slimes spawn.
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  12. How just how lol
  13. Half of everything I post. Terrible with autocorrect. Either autocorrect failure or just my natural stupidity.
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