Stuff To Go!!!

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  1. Hey everyone!!! This is a reminder about my HUGE sale! their is still loads of stock that must go! the prices are being reduced constantly so check in today! 12943 on smp6!!!
  2. Cool I will be coming!
  3. I will have to go in 12 hrs
  4. I Bought So Much :D
  5. Is it possible to raise the quantity? I hate clicking so much....
  6. sure, when i get home from school today i will go on, reduce the prices and raise quantities, etc.
  7. Just gonna bump this so people see it :D and btw im pretty sure there is still lost of stock, and i made a chest in valuables, 301 redstone for just 50r!!!
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  8. I will bye some but I can't go on now
  9. buy* :p all good, my internet is really bad atm, getting it fixed, so i wont really be keeping up with the shop, i kinda restocked my left over wool, so buy some if you need :D
  10. Just another reminder! There is still some stuff left over and i have reduced there price ALOT. If you need armor aswell your in luck, cause in the armory section has truck loads of stock, so get in now!