Stuff need for big jungle SMP3

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  1. what i need:
    -jungle logs
    -Oak logs
    -oak leaves
    -jungle leaves

    (please say how much you got and say a price :) )

    EDIT: my res number is 6838 take a look :p
  2. Oak logs a 4421, SMP2 - no guarantees. :)
  3. ok will see later :) thx a lot :)
    need more! =D
  4. any jungle logs? i need a lot :)
  5. Why do you need jungle logs? Just get some sapplings, grow them into a big tree and chop it down.
  6. i know but i don't want to cut so much :(
  7. hi lol this is my tread :p
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  8. Jungle logs, saplings and leaves at 9299 (smp4)
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  9. Ive got a whole jungle Bren, wanna have at it? Ive got stacks and stacks of all that in there.
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  10. Do you kown Super mario I have his Skin :D
  11. Welcome to the Empire :) Would you like to post in 'Introduce Yourself' ? :)
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  12. where i need to get it?
  13. I can get on tomorrow night to give you perms, its on my res.:p
  14. oh ok thx
  15. Of you still havent got enough, i restock my shop at 9299 frequently, so make sure you stop by.