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  1. Hello Guys, Yulie here with a Sale!

    I'm Selling a SC of Circle Stone 2560r per Stack, that's 40r per Block.

    Selling a DC of Lapiz Ingots + 11 Stacks for 192r per Stack.

    Selling DC of Iron Ingots + 28 stacks 384r Per Stack.

    Selling My Thorn Hunter Set Which Consist of Diamond armor and bow.

    Helmet: Fire Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Thorns III
    Chest Plate: Projectile Protection IV - Thorns III - Unbreaking III
    Leggins: Blast Protection IV - Thorns III - Unbreaking III
    Boots: Protection IV - Thorns III - Unbreaking III
    Bow: Infinity I - Flame I - Power IV - Unbreaking III
    ~I do not have a set price for this so I'm taking the best Offer~
  2. Can i buy the lapis at 130r/stack? (slightly more than 2r each) If you could sell me for that price, i will take them all.
  3. Someone has Already offered me 200r/stack for the lapiz Forger, sorry.
  4. That's fine. Thanks!
  5. If you still want it, I have a SC left :)
  6. How much total for the iron?
  7. I don't have the 28 stacks anymore but I do have the DC which in Total is 20,736r
  8. ill think about it
  9. I'll buy a stack of circle stone.
  10. Y u leave Julie...
  11. Soon I'll be setting up a chest for it at 3655 so visit there in a few.

    Because life requires I move from the home where I currently reside.
  12. How much for the full set of armor and the bow?
  13. I'm leaving that at the best price that interest me. But infact I've been thinking of keeping it cause of the lack of interest.
  14. I'll pay what you want. . .
  15. The EMC shop sells circle stone a stack for 1440 I think.
  16. Lapiz ingots rlly?
    Its Lapis Lazuli...
  17. Dont be a critic, not many like critics.
  18. ... wow ...
  19. I like critics :D
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  20. I was just going to say that
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