stuff 4 sale

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  1. i am selling all of my belongings- if u need ANYTHING tell me and ill sell it 2 u
  2. ur a new member. chances are you dont have much and what you do will be REALLY high priced simply because ( im not stupid ) you want RUPEES.

    give us a list of everything you wanna sell and i might rethink.
  3. i got 3 double chests full of stuff. ive been a member for months. i know fair price. and theres too much stuff 2 list so just tell me what items in particular u need.
  4. Coal and iron
  5. 11 ingots and 9 coal for 73r ?
  6. just to list a few things i need: any of the following??: any silk touch tools, oak leaves, and LOTS of oak saplings.

    thats what i need :)
  7. Do you have ink sacs :) I am buying stacks of them on the 4th floor of my shop.
  8. 20 iron ignots
  9. Sulphur. Diamond. Any ore. Any enchanted items. Iron, gold. Wood. Nether brick. Mossy cobble. Slime/sticky pistons. Redstone dust. Ice. Diamond tools/sword/armour.