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  1. Welp; it's that dreaded time of the year again... Finals Week.
    I went through High School with minimal effort and studying, and I graduated with absolutely 0 Study Skills, which is terrible when you're in college. Anybody willing to share their studying habits with me and the community?
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  2. Prrsonally dont do what I did and study the night before the exam for a years worth of topics because it doesnt work out well even in coursework subjects which you do all ywar because I got low grades in most of my subjects because I had games as a priority rather than study for my finals.
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  3. That's what my priorities are looking like right now lol. It's sad but I just don't know how to study.
  4. Personally I get A+'s due to study the night before thing for me but I heard this helps alot
    • Study for 20 mins straight, flash cards, folded paper, anything you want
    • Take 10 min break
    • Study for 40 mins straight
    • Take 5 min break
    • Study for 30 mins straight
    • Take 20 min break
    • Repeat
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  5. I have two exams... and one is done, and the other is mostly finished. Then this week and next week we just watch movies in all of our lessons until the 20th, when we break up for Christmas.
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  6. I usually like to start studying right when i get the chance to, just so that all the info isnt crammed into 1 night.
    Hope it helped and good luck ;)
  7. I'll have to try that :D. Thanks
  8. Thanks :D I'm trying to study right now, its just hard to pretty much summarize a 800 page book into a few pages of condensed info ;_;
  9. Just keep to it ;)
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  10. If I may ask how long do you have to study?
  11. Hope you do good! :D
  12. Well I have one Exam on Monday, which doesn't matter because whether I pass it or fail it i'm still going to have like an 89% in the class. Than I have a few certifications which are indeed Pass or Fail for my class, and they're on the 11th and 12th I believe.
  13. Ok good, so you still have some time. Try spreading out what you need to know, and make a "times table" of what to learn and when. This is what I would do atleast. Hope it helped again... and good luck :)
  14. Thanks, again :D.
  15. One tip for studying is to put your computer and or tablet/phone/iPod etc. away in a closet or something, you will be tempted to take a break, and you'll find yourself making excuses like "I need to check if someone responded to my forum" Make a organized plan on how you'll study-this will lower stress I hope. Keep to your plan and don't take forever doing it, you'll waste your time. Study 1 subject at a time so you don't get your thoughts mixed up. It doesn't help to take breaks because your break will last longer than you first thought.
    Most importantly don't allow ANY distractions.

    On the test- If you get stuck on a question come back to it at the end of the test. Check your work over and over again until you run out of time.
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  16. Thanks! :D
  17. Wait whats studying?
  18. Question is, what are you studying for?
    Depending on what it is, there are different strategies.
  19. Use hard surfaces, less likely to fall asleep from boredom
    flash cards are great for memorizing definitions and stuff
    Go for 25 minutes at a time, then take a 5 minute break, do this a few times, then take a 10 minute break; repeat until done studying
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  20. I'm studying for a Networking Troubleshooting Certification in specific and then half of a Hardware Troubleshooting Certification.
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