Stuck on SMP7!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by hoi, May 16, 2012.

  1. Well, im stuck on smp7 in the wild, if a moderator of adminastrator can kick me off, That would be great.
  2. Why dont't you look at the live map of SMP7:
    You can make your way slowly back to the spawning area
    Hope this helps! :D
  3. Thats not what i mean, I mean i got logged off and it says something like error cant login on two servers at a time.
    But its fixed now.
  4. Oh, ok. I'm glad it's fixed. :)
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  5. Thanks.
  6. Happens to me. Just have to wait a few minutes for things to sort themselves out.
  7. Well its the second time its happened in a week. I hope it doesn't happen again. Probably will.
  8. This happends for me aswell, but only when i crash :D
  9. Thank goodness minecraft hasn't crashed my computer yet. :cool:
  10. Mine neither, only game crash not PC crash :D
  11. Mine neither.
  12. If you disconnect unexpectedly, the server thinks you are still connected. So when you try to reconnect, it thinks that the old connection is still open, and thus gives that message - you can't connect more than once at a time.

    If you just wait a few minutes, the old connection will time-out, and it'll be fine.

    It's probably just something you have to live with. Have a nice cup of tea, and by that time, it'll be fine.
  13. Like for you :)
    ¥£€ I will have my cup of tea sir :D
  14. HAHA, im stuck again. Two times in two days. If a moderator could kick me off that would be wonderful.
  15. Must be a new record! :D
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  16. Yay, i had one heart left Zero Chickn leg thingys a sword smite V and Pickaxe Eff I and a pig beside me.....
    Im sorry i killed you pig brother.... :(
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