Stuck in tutorial.

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  1. Hello, I just recently joined and had some trouble with my internet yesterday which caused me to disconnect and lag a ton. When this was happening I went to the next tutorial area and got stuck in the ground. I thought that maybe it would fix itself once my internet was done hiccuping but it didn't fix itself. I'm still stuck in the ground, can't get out, I keep rubberbanding back to the hole if I do manage to get out. I'm constantly hearing the leg breaking sound as well. I tried using the /spawn command but XD it told me no. So, please help me, I'd really love to play on this server. My in game name is Shizukanashi.
  2. Have you tried the /tutorial command? and welcome to EMC. =P
  3. I have not. Let me try that one. :D Thank you! Glad to be here! :3

    Update: It didn't work still told me no. I did, however, manage to get out after the game froze and dropped me on the actual ground :D
  4. Try /res stuck
  5. Or maybe its just /stuck
  6. I had an issue this morning on an alt. All the signs (questions and answer signs) where missing so had to guess where to go. Thankfully someone else was there so I had a tour guide. When I typed /tutorial (which worked in the past) it said something like I cannot use commands)
  7. I have seen other players get stuck and /tutorial worked for them. I guess if that didn't work you can ask staff for help do /staff to see online staff and ask them for help. I'm not sure but they probably have some tp command to help you out.
  8. It's /res unstuck but I'm not sure if that works in tutorial... I thought /tutorial did though.

    Hey Shizukan, are you still stuck or have you found a way now?
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  9. I found you in the tutorial but you have chat turned off. It looks like you got out?
  10. Oh I didn't see that you did get out
  11. XD that was you TromboneSteve? You scared me when you showed up lol. I thought you were a zombie or something I was about to start punching. But yes I got out after the game had brain freeze. Thanks for the support :3 all of you.
  12. Your head is invisible please... The only way I'm going to bite your head off is when I can see it >:3
  13. xD I has an advantage over foxeh whoooo! xP