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  1. I am stuck in the void on smp4 and I can't get out. I need help, because last time i went here i could teleport out fine. PLEASE HELP!
  2. well thats bad
    umm how? and umm pc justin
  3. Yeah, I would PM Justin or a moderator about this.
  4. You were atop the Nether Bedrock vskiipz.

    I have rescued you. You should be at the town spawn building now.

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  5. PM any moderator, and they should be able to teleport you.
  6. Oh wow, thanks a lot Dark_Liz!
  7. You get inside bedrock = you call Super Liz. OH SORRY, it's Dark_Liz :p
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  9. Cute.
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  10. I really have to ask. What is Cute about it? :confused:
  11. Same thing happened to me in smp1 during restart, then mc crashed "/
  12. ya :p
  13. If you find yourself in the Void, do /town. It works from anywhere in the Void.

    When you used to crash if leaving Wild to Town in a moving boat, you'd end up in Void and that was how I was told to get out of it. Worked every time.
  14. It does not always work (It has happned to me)
  15. The cute part would be Super Liz Dark_Liz