Stuck in the ocean on SMP7...depth 7889....hmmm

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  1. OK...i've been playing minecraft for a while but i enjoy different styles of play...most of it is survivor...and wilderness. I don't think it is any fun when you give a person everything they need to start should learn to start with nothing and build using your crafting I am trying to build a small wilderness outpost on a desert island in the smp7 server...ocean somewhere around 4460, -2102. I've encountered some cool monsters on here...and there are zombies that are ten stories watch out....they almost always
  2. The huge zombie is the Momentus!
    You can always sell your starter items! (many people would love to purchase them!)

    If you joined way back in the day, you would have gotten some torches and wood!
    I never used my starter stuff and began by punching trees with my fists.

    And Hello fellow SMP7-er! That is where I hang out most of the time!
    See ya around the mines!
  3. Welcome to EMC! Not everyone is as adventurous, so we try to give people a little bit of a start. Also, unlike on a local server, you have to venture out into the wild a bit to even find your first tree sometimes.

    The giant zombie is a special boss mob, and a pretty rare one. You would be lucky to kill one if you didn't get some help from someone with experience. That said, there are many special things about EMC that you may enjoy. Feel free to ask questions, but also take some time to read through the wiki about special commands and mobs.

    You may not know that EMC has custom difficulty system that is set in the chat with the /ps command. On the lower settings, a momentus will ignore you. Lots to see and do here. Don't be afraid to visit our other servers and roam around the towns to see what other players are doing. It's easy to keep your outpost separate when it is on a different server.
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