Stuck in the nether?

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  1. Hey! I went into the nether to collect some glow stone, but I got stuck and it started messing up so I logged out and back in. Now, after i logged back in, I seem to be in the nether but on top of bedrock. I tried using the Live Map to find my way back to the protected area and then spawn home, but it says 'Town commands can only be used in town.' Does anybody have any idear how I can get out of this? Thanks -Courtney. :)
  2. I bet the admins are good for this sort of situation.

    Oh Justin~
  3. Wait for an admin. Hopefully Justin is on soon.
  4. Okay, thank you:D
  5. You can also get help from a Senior Moderator.
    If one comes online.
  6. It's sorted itself out now, still unsure what happened though. Thanks anyway.
  7. You were probably in a small area and the game moved you to the highest safe location... Which was on the bedrock. It's a Minecraft Quirk.
  8. You have been rescued! Sorry about that, it seems to be happening like once a day, I will look into getting it fixed.
  9. Ahaha thank you Justin:) I didn't mind that much... I enjoy walking vast spaces of bedrock for a living:p
  10. lol
  11. Is it at all possible to remove the bedrock lining the top of the nether? If there isn't bedrock up there, it isn't a problem any longer.
  12. It would require a lot to remove it, as it is part of world generator. But yeah I don't know what the point was in it?
  13. The nether is supposed to be a giant cave. That doesn't work if you can see the sky. :)

    Notch must have it his way.