Stuck in SMP5 Arena

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by TerryDaTerrorist, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. So I left smp5 still in well the arena. I come back and.... well yeah.

    Please Help, I would like to get out.
  2. Haha you are forever alone :p have to wait till a admin or senior staff is on to get out
  3. Yeah Hahaha Ill just wait there! Come meet me!
  4. Im not not on at the moment. My computer is off and just woke up from sleeping 2:15am right now about to back :p

  5. View from outside the prison :p
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  6. Well tried to help him out with the power of Ender Pearls... Failed and ended up in the ceiling... Yup

    ps, I wasn't able to take a screenshot- gave me this error- if you know how to fix this. Let me know
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  7. Well- after more Experimentation- I seem unable to get in through there- I am almost certain that if I could get you some more Ender Pearls into the arena- you could get out... I am going to try the bottom now... You logged out by the way :(
  8. Well just as I was providing a chest full of Ender Pearls You could use to get out- IcecreamCow hops online and does this

    Well I left some Pearls for you- As a return Gift for Providing a bit of entertainment for me. :D

    ps IcC- I think I had it under control :p
  9. Umm Im not online for a while so... could you please set up a chest for me at your res??
  10. I put the chest in the Mob arena- You can't miss it- It is blocking the hole- Don't tell IcC
  11. The arena has been the big thing lately, I hope your problem can be solved.
  12. It has been, hence the escape hole!