Stuck in smp1.

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  1. I randomly got a error and minecraft disconnected from smp 1 so I tried to reconnect and i can't. Also I tried connecting to other EMC servers but it says im in smp 1 still so I have no clue what to do.
  2. Here is something you can do, if you have an alt use that to get onto other servers.
  3. If it's still an issue, you can usually ask a moderator to kick you from the server. That helps most of the time.
  4. Well if any mods are on feel free to kick me.
  5. I have a different problem I cant get on to smp1 but I can get onto every other smp
  6. Yeah I think smp 1 is messed up. I cant even use the live map.
  7. Smp 1 crashed but I'm unable to do anything until I get home in a few hours so please be patient.

    You can direct connect to a different server like then /server from there
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  8. And it likely didn't "crash", but simply didn't come back from nightly restart which happens from time to time
  9. I believe /server doesn't work either (atleast for me)
  10. Right, you can not get on SMP1, but you can play on any of the other SMP's
  11. Unfortunately, when the servers down, we're unable to kick anyone that's stuck connected to it. :(
  12. Well now I feel just silly. Sorry for the misleading information!
  13. Well thats ok I can wait.