Stuck in different World!

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  1. Hi

    When I was mining on smp 8 some blocks were glitching so I disconnected and reconnected, but when I reconnected I poped up in a different world! I cant get back to the town or anything! Could somone please help me I have tried everything! My username is EvilMuffin253 if that help! Thanks for any help I get!
  2. You should be able to use the live map for the sever you're on (notice Live Map buttons on the right) to find yourself and the way home. Hope that helps. :)
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  3. That happend to me in the nether a while back i just had to kill myself
  4. You could put what you have in your vault and... kill yourself...
  5. if you are on top of a giant flat area of bedrock, you are in the nether, type /spawn to get out. if you are in a very dark world with lots of endermen/obsidian towers, thats the end, find the fountain to get out. if neither, im not sure