Stuck in bedrock layer above nether

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  1. Hello,
    I was glitching a bit within the nether so I relogged into the server (SMP4) and I found myself above the bedrock layer of the nether, can anyone help me?
  2. This is a glitch due to the 256 height limit now, when you log out in a cave (normally 1x2) the game tryes to spawn you there but collides with the roof so it moves to the nearest "open" block, which sometimes happens to be above bedrock in the nether, before the 1.2 update, you could simply /town and it would fix, but the new height limit means your still within the playable area but the bedrock stops your ability to get back down or out or teleport now. You will have to contact an Admin or Mod
  3. Okay I've fixed it, used the nether map to get on top of the nether spawn and from there tp'd out.
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  4. Yes, this works because the mods had this problem before and there were lots of cases with that problem so they allowed pretty much all of the town commands there. I even had this problem my self before 1.2.4.
  5. for future reference, you can use /town anywhere above bedrock in the nether, not just the safe zone :)
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  6. At least you get to see the upper Nether void. Too bad you can't bui- wait, you probably can with the new height limit! I'll have to try it out. ;)
  7. Yeah this happend to me once, but thanks to Dark_Liz I was saved and returned save and sound. :3
  8. I think that the moment you try to build something you are teleported to spawn, but don't quote me on it.
    All the to commands such as /town, /wild, /nether should work up there now, before it was a bit hit and miss.