Struggle is real, give me your input

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Should I quit EMC?

Yes 2 vote(s) 15.4%
No 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Please dont! 6 vote(s) 46.2%
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  1. Ok... There are a couple of people, I will not state names, that are making me consider ever playing EMC again due to very hurtful words and signs. So give me input in poll.
    Here is proof:

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  2. I can explain about that....
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  3. Please contact staff about this since being rude and/or bullying is NOT allowed.

    And, if this is some joke that you told him to say that, it's not funny :p
  4. Just putting images as proof
  5. I don't believe you should let a few people decide your ultimate fate on your constant appearance on EMC. I believe this thread will cause attention to Staff on these few player's actions towards you, and will be handled accordingly. If you ever are harassed again you should always use the '/report' feature without hesitation. You can also talk to someone close to you about the issues arising from these matters. Most everyone on EMC is here to help each other out and ensure the environment is safe for all
  6. Have you tried getting a staff involved? Im pretty sure they can get banned. The people of Empire don't want to be playing with jerks like that
  7. snip
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  8. ? I didn't say anything mean towards you at all. I went to apologize and was harassed.
  9. Get staff they will handle this situation accordingly
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  10. Dude we weren't talking about u we were talking about another player.
  11. Okay, just get staff involved now.

    We aren't doing anything by arguing back and forth.
  12. I have contacted Effin about this issue.
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  13. Listen mate. Don't listen to crap others say, they'll always be losers who say stupid things. If they're your friends, make new ones, they ain't worth your time. If your smp is like that try a different one. There's nice people out there, don't quit because of some jerks.
  14. Psst! I fixed your post
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  15. thanks. just needing funds to move, I have considered this
  16. I usually try to stay out of these, but... 'snip' . Unless he had a weapon to your head and forced you to type those things and hit enter, you said them all of your own free will.
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  17. Truth about what jkjk said
  18. Okay, so, let's start with the basics of this situation at hand:

    Someone is being rude, and is therefore breaking the rules.

    Whether you were rude to him first, or if he was rude to you first, that does not matter. No one should insult anyone like that whether you started it or the other person started it. If you remain calm and just let staff take care of it, then there's no harm that can come to you. It's breaking the rules to be rude to someone, and anyone who is rude to someone should be punished accordingly. Period.
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