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  1. Hey guys, today me and my friend found the smp5 strong hold. This is sort of like an auction. Who ever wins I will pm you the cords. Bid starts at 1750r:)
  2. i would have auctioned off the smp2 end portal coords if i hadn't yelled it outloud at christmas for everyone :/
  3. there is an stronghold at smp3 (coords) 496,-75 there is a house over there you can go ahead and go inside, go downstairs and look for it :) it has the portal tho no eye of ender :/
  4. What are the cords for smp2? I know that there was a portal in the nether(smp1) but then a mod or a admin destroyed it. I died about 3 times running around the nether looking for another one. But Anyways that is off topic.
  5. i will sell the coords for 1k, but now i have to go to dinner, be back in like 1 to 2 hours (eating at a restraunt)
  6. erm, i gaved the cords away already? guys? someone?
  7. Will you do it for 500r?
  8. I was talking to tshack235 just so u don't get confused.
  9. Well, i believe thanks isnt a word in you guys language [...]

    Edit: i understand, but a thanks or a like is always awesome for other people that help to see.
  10. Sorry I Have Been Busy On And Off Here And Helping People. Thanks For The info. I will be going there soon.