String length longer than maximum allowed

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  1. Anyone else getting this error?
  2. I got it too. Not necessarily a bad thing for me though, I needed an excuse to do my homework.
  3. Wish i had something else to do :p
  4. Happened twice three times an indeterminate amount of times on smp1 to almost everyone.
  5. I have this too... Ugh :p
  6. "(364 > 64)"
  7. seems to be only affecting smp5 as a number of us can still get onto other servers
  8. (6369>20) what does this mean?
  9. i brought the issue up to ismooch and he relayed it to aikar, so now we just wait
  10. :oops: got to get some stuff on smp5 lol
  11. i am also having problems getting in. maybe a server restart would help?
  12. was on for a second then poof lol
  13. hey how do you make the signs on the bottom of your screen, the ones that say SMP5 veterans, cuz ive been on since almost the beginning
  14. also smp1, earlier anyway
  15. not really, i think that the bug is affecting people, by not letting them get on their home server. hence catwarrior 7 not being able to get onto smp1 and me, haerhitman, heyaroo, etc not being able to get onto smp5.
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