Strikes back!

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ReMember gabeli?

Yes 13 vote(s) 59.1%
No 5 vote(s) 22.7%
Maybe 4 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Hi EMC ! It's been about two months since I played due to movin breaking charger § no Internet
    Also my res 2543 has been force claimed so I'm homeless right now =/
    I would kindly take money donations and if you see me in town feel free to give me wood or iron but I sould be up and playing by Friday next week .
    Thanx guys! =)
    Hopefully I can live with a friend until I get a res!
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  2. I can help you find a place to stay. I can'y donate atm since all my rupees are going towards my good samaritan award. I can lend you a home for a bit. I will talk to you tomorrow on the server.
  3. O
    Thanx I can I'll be there next week Friday or later
  4. Welcome back to EMC, I set an access chest for you when you come on this Friday as a welcome back present :D (Includes wood and iron as you mentioned)
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  5. Welcome back!
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  6. I don't really know you but welcome back, you seem nice :)
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  7. Hey.
    I don`t know you but i really think that`s sad.
    If you want i can make a house for you on my res smp2, 4124? Just pm me or reply to this.
    Hope you rebuild what you lost.
    I`ll be happy to give you some supplys
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  8. Welcome back! I would donate a few items, but unfortunately I'm unable to access a computer as well. Good luck for the future!
  9. Remember you :D
    But... I'm Strike D;
    :p I can help you with some rupees, so if you need any just ask :)
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  10. Sure I will try to but it took 150 days to build I had
    A small hotel
    A shop
    Hot air ballon
    6 sets of enchanted diamond armour
    A floating layer of extra land
    A spleef arena
    Skateing rink
    Nether wort farm
    And a full animal farm
    But yah I hope I can do it :)
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  11. T
  12. Thanx
  13. Thanx also I'm nice must of the time unless you have a killing streak on me when I'm trying to get resorses then yes I'm nice ;)
    Also I'm even nice to my rivals ... Which is wierd
  14. Oh LSO I DUNNO sorry bout cAPs if 1.7 is in the empire yet
    Cya in the morn ill stop bumping in two days
  15. Welcome back! Hope you can get a new res!
  16. you make me feel bad! I am around 175 days old and I've done nothing but build things for other people! ~takes time management class~
  17. Thanx
    lol sorry

    I should be able to play tommorow
    Also you can get a shiny palkia at GameStop from now till the 29th of sept
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  18. Catchy name.
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  19. I think i remember you! :D
  20. Lol thanx but I hope to change my username in the future to match my skin XD