Streaming EMC

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dingdong1405, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I am planning on streaming EMC along with maybe other things. I hope to stream a lot and I love this server. i hope to stream in wild bases and do stuff to entertain my viewers ( which i will definitely have...) lol hope that some people can see this and tell me what they think of that idea :)
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  2. Sounds cool! If you do Avalon, dont show any co-ords please
  3. Can I appear plz?
  4. Yeah, i wont show coords in any of my Vids/streams but i mihgt not be on avalon 24/7. Chas if you are on at the same time as me i will give you a shoutout just pm me if you see me. my streaming channel will be Thanks for replying :)
  5. Fine, about not being in Avalon just making sure, dont want any pesky griefers. Also what server will you be playing on?
  6. I'll be mostly playing on smp8 and 4 :) it might be a few days before i start tho :)
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  7. I could have a facecam on top of the coords?
  8. Sure, just as no one sees >.> Tell me when your doing it! I wanna watch! :D
  9. it'll be some time after christmas probs... i might not be so entertyaining tho ...