[STREAM REVAMP] My Beam Stream!

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  1. Hey there! I have now moved on to Beam.Pro to stream for my viewers. Why am I posting this if it is just that? Well I plan to stream every Sunday at High Noon EST starting TODAY!

    Here is the schedule for today, and the next 2 month!

    8/28 - Goldeneye Source

    9/4 - Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    9/11 - Cancelled

    9/18 - Valve Game (Suggested by you!)

    9/25 - Goldeneye Source

    10/2 - Minecraft

    10/9 - Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    10/16 - Star Wars Battlefront

    10/23 - Suggestion Night

    10/30 - Spooky Games Sunday (SGS)

    This list will be updated quite often, and I promise to keep it to Noon. If there is a family matter or something happens, I will either Cancel, or delay the stream. I will also update my status posts. Thanks!

  2. Bump

    Tomorrow's live stream will be at High noon on:

    And obviously playing Counter Strike Global Offensive Online.
  3. bump, Livestream on at 4:00 PM EMC Time
  4. So, when UHC starts?
  5. Uh, yeah.

    They can watch and play at the same time. Most of them will be sitting in caves for 60 minutes :p
  6. yo did u cancel your csgo stream?