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  1. For some reason, thuglife101's sign wasn't showing that he could sell. But it was for him. Weird right?
    if any1 could tell me how to upload a pic to prove it, plz post it here. Thank you.
  2. I'm sure you may know the first part, but I'll put all the steps in case anyone else is wondering.

    1.) Press F2 to take an in-game screenshot. F1 takes away the HUD for more clear shots.

    2.) Refer to the bottom of this guide to find your Minecraft folder: The screenshots are found in the screenshots folder, naturally.

    3.) Upload the screenshots to an image hosting site. I recommend imgur.
  3. Actually, when you make a post here, you can upload the image directly here and insert it into the post.
  4. Ah yes, forgot about that. It's my habit to just host them remotely.
  5. idk why, but for somereason, i dont have the pics i took. but i swear i took them!and it isnt the pic below, that was accidental.

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