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  1. My stone gen is acting up, ever since i turned waterflow false and then ended turning it back to true the water in the gen hates me..... If anyone has any suggestions please share, and 500r to the person that actually knows how to fix it and will fix it. Thanks!
    2013-04-20_16.17.53.png 2013-04-20_16.17.58.png
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  2. Water will stay stationary until forced to update it's state again. So if you placed/destroyed a block next to the water you wish to be fluidic again it should be fine.

    Alternatively if you remove and replace the water it should reset it.
    If these methods work you don't need to pay me the rupee's, buy yourself something nice instead. :p
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  3. Your signature is strange.
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  5. I have tried both methods and neither seem to work, thanks for the tips though.
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  6. Yeah, I was going to say, it has something to do with your sig... :p
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  7. Is it just not producing cobble?
    Have you tried resetting the lava also?
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  9. It is making cobble, that is the problem. This is a stone gen, Ive taken everything, put it in buckets, then replaced it all. It is strange, it has nothing to do with the redstone cuz two very goor redstone people looked at it and nthing was wrong. The lava is simply flowing faster than the water for some reason.
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  10. 2013-04-20_22.30.51.png
    This is just one side of the gen.
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  11. I would recommend a complete rebuild from scratch to see if it remedies the issue then.
    Without seeing the full machine it is hard to diagnose. :)

    Edit: lol, you posted pic at same time I posted this message.
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