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  1. So, I just pulled up the MC launcher and found this...
    Screen shot 2012-08-26 at 10.12.34 PM.png
  2. Get this alot man....don't worry...Minecraft has been very screwy since 1.3.1 . Just come back in around 15 minutes, it should be good.
  3. My brother had that come up yesterday for him too!
    Just a glitch, me thinks. Nothing to do with languages.
    You just wait on that screen for 30-60secs and it'll change, then you can login again.

    Hope I helped,

  4. They are mad at you for winning
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  5. this kind of winning
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  6. winning the nature walk
  7. I've seen this before in one of my games xD JAVA had an error.

    A big one. Like this:
  8. Trashing an expensive hotel room while on drugs and destroying almost my entire career?
  9. i knew what u meant