Strange Town Teleporting Glitch

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  1. Recently, I've been experiencing a strange problem whenever I teleport to my res or other players' res'. I teleport there just fine, yes, but for some reason it teleports me in the middle of the spawn point, instead of just above it. So it basically makes me bounce up and down in the block I'm in on the verge of The Void until I disconnect, then reconnect. After reconnection everything's fine.

    Though one time, I actually fell through the block when I teleported to Dark_Liz's res and got stuck in The Void for a bit, (The server kept kicking me off for "flying"... and reconnecting didn't help) until I teleported to a different world's spawn... and once I did, I fell over, dead.

    This is an odd glitch... I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem, and if it can be fixed.
  2. I experience this kind of stuff from time to time. The game is just glitchy is all I am pretty sure everyone deals with this for time to time.
  3. Whenever that happens to me and I start falling I type /home or /spawn as fast as I can. If I can type it in time it gets me out.

    ...but then I'm afraid to teleport for a while so I have to walk.

    I still need to confirm this, but it seems to me that when I teleport from another world into town that the bouncing up and down glitch never happens. Like it only happens when teleporting from one location to another in town.

    If that's so, another solution to get you to where you want to go when it's glitching is maybe to go to another world first, then go to where you want to go in town.

    I'm going to try this the next time I can't teleport properly.
  4. Its happened to me once (I got kicked twice -,-) but ass soon a i reconnected the 3rd time i quickly went to spawn.

    Another glitch tho is sometimes (Mainly at 502) I spawn inside a block
  5. honestly can say at spawn it never has happend to me but i have spawned and bounced at my res when i type /home before never got disconnected though
  6. Best thing to do is reconnect to the server
  7. Not necessarily. In the event that the Mojang servers are having issues at the time, and let's face it that's fairly often, you won't be able to log back in.

    The safest thing to do is port to another world and back.
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  8. Ahh that is why every time Mojang servers are down AusQB is the only one on the server ;)
  9. Thanks everyone for the input.

    Anyways it seems to be happening less often for me when I teleport to my res, though it still hiccups every now and again :/
  10. To add to the strangeness of this glitch, I just tried teleporting to the nether when a bouncing glitch happened and when I arrived in the nether I spontaneously died.

    I respawned and ended up in the town or wasteland spawn building, I'm not sure which one because I rushed back to the nether to get my stuff.

    But at least I was able to teleport back home from the nether without incident after all that. :)