Strange Things have been happening in Minecraft...

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  1. Hey there EMC Community! Well, to kick things off, I'd like to say how much I missed alpha. You know, the old days, when everything was simple? Diamonds were easy picking. Well, the very first day I realized the the new launcher allowed access to Alpha and Beta, I flipped! I was so excited. So I got right in, completely ignoring the, it is strongly recommended you play these in separate directories to avoid corruption. I mean please, that has never, and I mean NEVER happened to me before, so I was like, eh, whatever. So I started with Version 1.0. I loved it. So then I went down a couple versions, it was fun, and so on and so on. Anyways. I came across the VERY beginning of Minecraft, and I was thinking, sweet, lets try it out. So I get on, it crashes. "Darn." So I play some versions up, and then decide to try the one that crashed my game once more. So I click play. Then I just spawn in some completely stone world, with about 20 Steves, running and jumping about. I think to myself, this must be just a test world. A world where the developers used to test things out with Minecraft. So as a normal curious person would do, I start messing around with it. I build some stone things, break some stone blocks. Try to punch the Steves, but I can't, so I fall off the world. Then HEROBRINE... just kidding (this better not start some riot about Herobrine...). Although, when I fall off the world, I won't die. So I quit and rejoin. I think, enough with that, lets get back to 1.0. I select 1.0, and guess what, the Steves are BACK! In the same exact stone world with the same exact structures I had built earlier. I get a bit confused. I log off once more, and select 1.6.2. You can probably guess what happened. I start getting worried. So I delete the launcher, make another, and yet again... STEVES! So to make a very long story short, I have to delete my entire Minecraft make a new one, and add all my servers back up (the ones I remembered). :(

    Has this happened to anyone else? If so, pop it down in the comments section. You can even tell me your story if you'd like. Thanks :D
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  2. You can go to %appdata% in the starting menu and click .minecraft. Then copy your world and multiplayer files, delete .minecraft. When you install 1.6.2 you can re-add the world and multiplayer files and you should be fine :p
  3. I did know about that, and thought about it, but decided not to
  4. That is really weird... I kinda want to test this out :p
  5. Lol, just remember to back up your .minecraft
  6. I doubt it... anyone who has apparently played since alpha would have taken screen shots.
  7. I couldn't take screen shots... I was playing 1.0 and tried to take a picture of my house, but It wouldn't let me. Unless of course it didn't tell me I took a screen shot and when I got rid of my .minecraft I no longer had the pictures.
  8. And yes, I took many screen shots, but in 1.3.2 I tried downloading a mod, but I was opening up the minecraft.jar the wrong way. So I thought I was doing something wrong and deleted my minecraft which deleted my beloved single player world and every multiplayer server I had making me add multiplayer servers again and a new singleplayer world.
  9. wow thats soo weird, lets hope it doesn't happen again
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  10. I hope not, I don't want to be deleting another minecraft. ;)
  11. What you could do, is, push the print screen button. (I'm not sure if Macs have that button or not).
  12. I use windows
  13. You can go back to alpha and beta with the new launcher!?
  14. Yes you can! :D
  15. How? I thought it was only back to 1.5.
  16. It was added recently. Create a new profile.