Strange login/log off glitch?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Joshyy, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Ok, So I have been experiencing a strange glitch for a couple of weeks now, What happens is this I can see someone connect, But if someone disconnects most of the time, It will not show up. I'm not sure what this about but I've posted a screenshot below as an example.

  2. Same thing happens to me I'm not sure how to fix it though.
  3. This makes me believe it's server related as opposed to client side, What mods do you use?
  4. It's some server problem. I think Justin's been working on a fix :) There's always [TAB] if you need to check if someone's online.
  5. I believe that when your in the wild you can't see people leave.
  6. no, it happens in town too. you just can't see people sign off a lot of the time :p
  7. I've gotten this a ton of times. I think it's either lag or glitch. The admins are working on it
  8. I see the login part completely fine on my computers. But I never see them log off. So I end up looking funny to people when I am talking to them when I am not there.
  9. I've noticed this, but I've also noticed that when I'm online using the Spoutcraft launcher, not the normal one, I do see the disconnect messages?
    When you're on the normal launcher, do you still see some disconnect messages but not all? Because I just tryed spoutcraft, and I definitely saw a disconnect message.
  10. I sometimes see them, Depending on certain things, However I'm not sure what those are.
  11. I only see d/c messages occasionally, but the admins are working on a fix, I'm sure.