Strange Internet Speeds - Any techs out there? Need assistance!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by bonzd67, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. So, check this out. I'm down visiting my parents... and notice they are getting <1Mbps on all recommended servers, and a few others.

    However, I randomly tested Comcast's Washington, D.C. server and got this:

    Geographically, their house is located halfway between Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

    As far as modem stats, SNR is 33.2dB with a power level between -10 and -8dBmV. As I have a networking degree myself, I'm sure the problem lies "on their end." No "official" tech from Comcast has been able to solve anything. All signal strengths from outside and @ the pole are fine. Sub-par, but fine. Neighbor is getting 19-24Mbps. I've upgraded the modem, and ran all new coax throughout the house, new splitters (of course, tested the modem @ source from outside), and absolutely nothing has worked on my end.

    I am at a complete loss, and none of these schmucks can figure anything out. Anyone have ideas? Possibly the Comcast routing table?