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  1. On request of PenguinDJ, I post the story that I told during my MobArena event earlier this night.
    Hopefully this proves that I'm very talented and that you all get touched by this emotional story.
    (Keep in mind that during this story I was spawning various mobs, with related names.)

    So there once was a lonely creeper..
    Who was shorttempered
    It might have been the reason that he was lonely
    Or that he was a creeper after all.
    Sad he was, for friendship he looked everywhere
    'Be my friend' he asked some people
    all they did was hitting him
    It hurts him
    his feelz too
    His feelz started piling up
    Til he couldnt take it anymore
    He walked the roads
    With a sign around his neck
    But nobody wanted his hugz
    But why!? They were free after all!
    He then evolved in a madman
    And started killing everyone
    He managed to get some hugz too
    *something that involves cats*
    Big booms.
    LethalHugz everywhere

    Everyone dies. The end.
  2. Still a better love story than twilight.
  3. What a great story. :p
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  4. I believe the creepers were named after the events, such as "LonelyFeelz" and "DIEEEE."
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