[STORY] Rare Fire Breathing Dragon Sighted Becomes BFF!

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  1. Part 1: As Ninja_Burger_Cat I was just strolling along when suddenly I saw a burst of flames erupt from the ground!! I took a closer look and there was a rare firebreathing dragon stuck in the ground!! I tryed to help it but I was to weak, I took a picture to remember the moment!

    Part 2: I then called called the Dragon Helpers 101 to help out but they were to scared! I starting to dig and dig but it was no use, the dragon was to big!! But then I had a great idea, I would claim this land and protect this dragon!!

    Part 3: I have dug around the dragon and I only realized this was a baby dragon!! I kept on digging and I finally got it out! but than what I saw was unbelievable. The baby dragon was part cat!! I fed the dragon and we became BFF's. I adopted the dragon cat and called her Daisy!

    Part 4: We hung out at my new res and we played tag but then Lil_Spartan_Cat came up and said "OMG a rare firebreathing dragon!! I must kill it to obtain its wonderful head!!" I told Spartan that this was my friend and she cant kill her but Spartan didnt listen. She took out her mighty sword and went after Daisy, I tryed to stop her but it was to late. Spartan slayed Daisy and got her head! I cryed and said "How could you kill my friend!!" Spartan just walked away not even bothered.

    The End!!
  2. Soo emotional ;-;