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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do a special thread! So, you all know me as HelloKittyRo! Well, let's back up and retell the story of how I joined EMC! Also, I'll tell you little bit about me and how I decided to start on a wonderful server like EMC :)

    So, it was a rainy day, and me and BearInATux where playing on a server. Then he mentioned,"Hey, Syd, let's go play on Empire Minecraft!", and I said, "Wait, what's Empire Minecraft?" And then Bear said, "Well, it's a server where lots of nice people play and there are good staff members..", and I said, "Explain!!", and he said, "Ok, fine. The short tittle for it is EMC. EMC is a very unique server, that has lots people who play and really nice staff members. They host fun events, and do many others. You should really join and play. You can build on your residence, and create whatever you want!" I said, "Awesome!! What's the IP?" "play.emc.gs", said Bear. And then, it all started..

    When HelloKittyRo first joined the server, on August 22nd, 2014, she had no idea what was going on! She asked so many players what to do!

    Then, she met somebody, someone named CatGirl3456 (she no longer plays, sadly). They became the best of friends! Doing everything together; Building, going to events, and much more! CatGirl3456 was the reason HelloKittyRo knows so much about the server now.

    Well, of course HelloKittyRo skipped the tutorial :0 and taught herself how to play. But, one day, CatGirl3456 introduced HelloKittyRo to shannor29 (who also no longer plays, sadly). They became such good friends too; soon they had a group!

    Then, one sad evening, CatGirl3456 has quit EMC without telling Ro. HelloKittyRo was sad; she had lost a good friend. But, there was good news! Shannor29 has not left! She didn't know where Catgirl3456 had went, sadly.

    Then, 3 days later, sadly, Shannor29 left the Empire and HelloKittyRo was sad that she had no friends. She was very lonely. But then, she made the whole smp2 her friend! Everyone wanted to visit her and play!

    1 year later, HelloKittyRo started blogging on EMC's Forums! She was so happy because she made a lot of new friends! But, there where to friends that where just really nice to here: Alia_Bear, and BlinkyBinky. They just really stuck out to her. They where really good friends.

    They always built with each other, having fun and talking in EMC's Chat. Then, one day, a Moderator named highlancer45 came along. And soon after that, ShelLuser came along. And then after that, AyanamiKun! HelloKittyRo has made lots of friends since the other 2 left. HelloKittyRo is still sad, but is happy she made new friends.

    HelloKittyRo has been on the Empire for over 421 days. She loves it so much. (Back to the story now)

    One day, HelloKittyRo met a Senior Staff member named RainbowChin. They talked for 10 minutes; becoming good friends. HelloKittyRo was excited because she had never talked to a Staff member before in that time. Chin understood, so he walked her through some details on rules, and how to make friends on the empire :)

    HelloKittyRo had took his advise. Then, that's how she made friends with Chin. The advise Chin gave her was the advise she had used to make him her friend. Those 2 where probably reading each other's minds! :p

    Soon after all these lessons, HelloKittyRo joined the EMC Forums and got Diamond Supporter. Long after that, she learned all the new rules, and decided she was ready to apply for a team. And not just any team; the Build Team. Hopefully, she'll make it.

    Thank you for listening to my story of how I joined EMC! Now, would you like to know a little bit more about me? Well, here ya go!! (links)

    PM me: emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro
    Profile Page: emc.gs/members/hellokittyro

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  2. Reserved comment! :p :D :eek: :) :cool:
  3. Nice story. Great to meet you. :)
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  4. I think it would be funny if Chin comments and says "Who are you again?"- but that's just me.

    Also, Kitty, it would make your forum posts easier to read if you used the same POV throughout. (e.i. At the beginning you use first person, then soon switch over to third person.)

    Anyways, nice to meet you!
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  5. I'm pretty sure that in this situation it would be advice and not advise. But anyways, interesting story :p
  6. Thanks, now we all know a bit more about you. :)
  7. Thanks :) (btw I'm almost 2 years old on the empire..)
    This is the way I type. You can transform.
    Auto correcter.
  8. This is like the 3rd intro post, you've posted.. :p Cool Story
  9. I've said it once, auto correct doesn't fix things that aren't wrong :p
  10. Good story :) Now.....if you want to know my story...it was kinda bizarre. I'm glad to know a bit more about you :)

  11. Just thought this was funny :p
    Nice post though