[Story Help] Needing Actor Names!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you all something! So, I'm going to write a novel called "Best Friends", and I need Minecraft player names since the people live inside Minecraft. So, down below please leave down in the comments you want your name in the story! We do have credits, so your names will be put down in the credits.

    How many names needed?
    We need about 10 names, so make sure we have 10 people!

    What are the names going to be used for?
    Those people will be the characters in the story. (Just the names). They will be used for the book.

    Credits? I don't get it.
    Well, the credits are where I put people who helped out, came along. So your name will be put there if you are one of the 10 names!

    How do we get the part?
    It's simple. Just shoot me a PM! (Here's the link: www.emc.gs/conversations.hellokittyro.com) But, theres anther way too! Please look at section Format for help.

    What is the Format?
    Well, the format is anther way to get the part! This is how you do the format if you don't wanna PM me:

    Username: HelloKittyRo
    Roll: I'd like to play the Best Friend. (The Girl one)
    Gender: Female

    That's the format. I didn't take the part, it was just an example.

    Extra stuff:
    Thanks guys for reading! Make sure you apply for 1 part! Bai!

    Part lists:
    Girl Bestfriend
    Boy Bestfriend
    Mean Girl
    Brother (Girl best friend's)
    Mom - Girl
    Dad - Girl
    (More parts coming soon)
  2. Username:TheStickMan999
    Part: I don't know...
    Gender: male.
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  3. What part do you want?
  4. Minecraft name: DrMadFate
  5. Villan? IDK
  6. You didn't give a list of parts, so people can't choose one...
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