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  1. Hi!, so I wanted to make a business in the empire as I've just joined, and thinking for a way to make money, so what I'm going to do is make this. this will be a thread were you, the empire can Private Message me or send a message on this thread here, about a firework you are interested to buy.I will be making every firework, I have the materials to, so go wild :D. prices of the fireworks below.

    All dyes will be the same price - apart from red dye 1r - yellow dye 1r - lapis lazuli 4r - all the others are 2r -

    affects - all the heads do the same, so i will make the prices the same for what ever head you want, but it all makes a creeper shape. - 100r Feather - 1r Fire Charge - 1r Gold nugget - 1r

    more affects - Diamond - 67r glow stone dust - 1r

    Fade colours - all the same prices from the top.

    Sulphur - 2r, you can change the hight of the firework on how many sulphurs you want. and the paper - 1r.

    when you decide on what you want on the firework, just message me and I will do some adding up, then let you know when you can get it and the price.