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Will you get a free quote? :P

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  1. Hello :)
    And Welcome to my storage building business...
    You can pick from 3 different main stream schemes as of following....

    This is the budget scheme which involves netherbrick and sandstone, prices vary due to storage sizes. I can or you can supply however prices will change due to which one you pick

    This is the second scheme which involves quartz and prismarine blocks. I or you can supply

    This one is the big boy. Diamond, Lapis blocks and quartz, this is the proper massive one which only you can supply due to the shear amount of diamond and quartz required.

    I know these schemes are very vague but it shows you the color of your possible storage.
    Prices can hugely differ due to the difference in sizes and stuffz.

    If you are interested in purchasing one of my lovely storages please PM me with a complete version of this application..

    Residence number-
    Size (E.g 20x20)-
    Above or below ground-
    You or I supply?-

    In the hopeful near future there will be a "showroom" where you can see the builds in more detail.

    Thank you for reading if you got here that is :p

    Please pm me with lots of offers and I shall give you a free quote :p for how much your storage will cost :D


    PS I will add more schemes if this is popular
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  2. Um, what? What are you building? Storage for those items? Huh?
  3. Storages

    A place where you have all your chests and its all organized and pretty :p
  4. Oh, ok. I get it now.
  5. Might want to add a Profile for them?
  6. Thats in progress :p