Stop those netherwart farm griefers!

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  1. I keep getting my netherwart farm greifed and i am doing it as secret as possible but they keep finding it and griefing it for my netherwart! can we please do something about it? :(
  2. The only way for them to notice if there was something under the ground or in the wall was if they had xray mod or texture pack or something. I am just putting my word out so we can stop this non sense.
  3. They could be watching livemap and noticing where people tend to be dawdelling for some time, amd then checking it out later.
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  4. Thats how I found The End Portal ;)

    I also found Netherwart farm, But I replanted after Harvesting.
  5. I think the biggest thing here is replanting. Cause no matter what u do, ur not gonna convince someone to walk away from a public farm. But if u can get them to replant then the damage is minimal.
  6. There should still be something to stop netherwart farm griefers :(
    1. Take a picture of somebody stealing.
    2. Send it to a Moderator.
    3. ?????
    4. Profit.
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  7. the best hiding spot in the nether is the top,
    clime up and make ur farm there
  8. I can show you what happened to my farm if that helps but I am not on that much during the weekdays due to school so I cant really catch them while I am at school =\
  9. It's on smp3, correct?
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  10. To be honest...right now, the best we can do is catch people in the act. If you build anything not in Town, including netherwart farms (yes, I know they only work in the nether), you just have to realize that there is a chance it won't be there forever.
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  11. This may seem like a bit of hard work, but instead of building one big farm, you could build multiple smaller farms in different places to reduce chance of discovery, and reduce damage/loss if found.
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  12. I mean I don't mind that they took it. I just want to know WHO took it. I have plenty netherwart ( 417 netherwarts ) But is there a possibility that we could do a somewhat nether village with protection? like how town is? So players feel safe and don't have to worry about those stealers/griefers ruining their netherwart farm?
  13. I know what you mean, but everyone would want a protected area, and it would end up being 1500 10x10 lots, which is not really an appropriate solution. Maybe one day minecraft and bukkit will introduce a feature to protect all blocks placed by players in the nether/wild, but for now all we can do is be vigilant and try to screen cap griefers in the act.
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  14. I understand. But isn't there a plugin where it blocks people from breaking an item placed by another player? maybe if we find it we could find out if we could config it to netherwarts in the nether? just maybe? cause I really wanna help put a stop to the netherwart griefings. :)
  15. there may be a plugin for bukkit. however, bukkit has not released a stable build for 1.0 yet. Thus any plugins that are in EMC are mostly JustinGuy's own created plugins. He would have to code that himself, or wait for the bukkit release. Now, on that note, Justin has his own list of things to do. I personally dont know where on his list this type of plugin is, or if he is even considering it right now. Eventually, one way or another this will be addressed, you will have to be patient.

    Until then, anything you build, place, farm, or create in the wild or nether, will be at risk for destruction/greifing. So just keep that in mind while you are builiding there.
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  16. From what I gather netherwart only grows when you are in the the chunk containing them, so it would almost be pointless to leave the netherwarts all on their own. take them home with you.