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  1. cooltext633991600.png I've heard my friends in my own server find diamonds in 10 seconds, i say:what? How did you find that so fast", and my friend Wyatt said "x-ray mod!!!!" I said WTF, HACKER. I made this discussion because this has to stop.....

    Please don't change to capital letters, shouting, even in forums, is considered rude.
  2. Wes sadly this happens allot in SMP servers and The mods have done a good job stopping them the way I stopped hackers on my own server was downloading Modloader-MP and on the console when someone logged in there was a list of what mods they were using.

    And that (as far as I know Is how to find out if someone is using mods). please tell me if there are other ways i dont like having to go on the console to find out. :/

    and please dont use full caps :eek: xD
  3. Hey thierry200, please don't use all caps, that is an infringement on Empire servers...
    That said.

    The hacking is something that is really hard to stop, Empire servers have anti-zombe pack and anti-cbj hacks (wich is big, because many players use this, i know it because i have been admin on other servers) the problem is that even if the empire servers had all the plugins in earth anti-xray or anti whatever, they won't 100% work, because hackers are always a step infront of us.

    The only way i see you can report someone is via pm with a supermoderator/admin (i don't say moderator because their power is not as high as needed to do the correct inspections) and tell him about the situation.

    If for example the player CDUSSING is hacking, and you see/have prooves (screenshots, skype logs or w/e) then you can report it to shaunwhite1982, Icecreamcow, GamerkribJEREMY or other admins and senior moderators.
    They can, go at his residence and check his chests, as also his vault, and that way they could determine if the diamonds/iron/gold or whatever he has is an excess and consider it hacking (always checking if he actually bought then or any talks with players about diamonds) <----- I consider this is the only actuall way to see if the player CDUSSING was hacking or not, tho it could bring up many things to discuss, like the fact that the player could have the goods on his chest only because someone else gaved to him[...]

    Please edit your thread and don't use all caps, in order to dont get it deleted or edited by moderators.

    Gimme a like if i helped :p
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  4. Also remember that it could not be only mods but the actual minecraft.jar (the game base) and that way you couldnt detect it with modloader-mp or any others of the type.

    Squizzel_boy, i believe that if you use a group of anti-hacks plugins you could reduce the hacking.

    Please do a backup of your server BEFORE installing this plugins, hawkeye and inventorySQL needs MySQL database, this plugins might be choosed carefully because some might use a big portion of your server resources.
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  5. copherfield Thanks this will help xD
  6. No problem :) ask me if you need help configuring or something via pm.
    Good luck catching griefers :)
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  7. best server ever
  8. X-rayers all get caught, and although it may not be immediately, we do have secret methods of catching them ;)
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  9. I believe is some kind of block log like founddiamonds, wich isn't actually real-time xray catcher, i'm not saying that you should all go xray that you won't get caugh, but yes that it gives more work to admins/mods to discover.

    Justin, maybe you could consider using some tools from the post i made, i worked with all of them and they behave like princess :)
  10. Guys there is not very many hackers on this server cool down Justin is super Admin and always saves the day lol
  11. I totally agree about Justin being awesome.

    Tho, i disagree about there is not very many hackers on this servers, i have a friend that xrays and many others i believe do hack (i saw like 3-4 guys flying and others sneaking while running...)

    PD:/ MY 'friend' is not me, for whoever thinks it's me, if you have doubts please ask admins/moderators about it.
  12. But Justin Always catches them why do you think the graveyard is so big
  13. LoL i didn't know about the graveyard story :p
    Anyways, my friend is still a player at empire minecraft[...]
    (I know he is xrayer because he told me)
  14. yup and some times people dont use x-ray but U (and ur staff) say "u have X RAY, u must be BAAANNED"
    example: BlockPenguin
  15. True, but i'ts because of many factors, i remember a case on a server i managed, a dude had 2 stacks of diamonds on like 2 days of gameplay, at the moment i saw that i was like Loooo:confused:l? and my reaction was like *BANNED* (i was dumb not to check chat logs, because i found later that other player said something about giveaway and players was like 'WOW how many diamonds, thanks dude!' Obviuosly i apollogized to him and de-banned, also removed all those diamonds from server with a simple chest check :p
  16. thank you i hope so please remember me as smoeone important because i really want to know in a server can you make this possible?
  17. How Though Because You Cant See Them Using X-Ray?
  18. because unless they are using a invisible texture pack, there is a server mod which tells you what mods a player's client is using when they login to the server.
  19. Oh And BTW I Count Cows :p
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  20. I count... Cave Spider!!! XD