Stone/Stone Bricks

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by coffee_bullet, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering if Stone/Stone Bricks are in high demand and if so i would be happy to supply people with them.
  2. People will buy them...
  3. Price per Stack?
  4. I need them both really bad so if we could work out a deal that would be great!
  5. well what your deal
  6. I need a lot so if you could get me a discount since I'm buying a ton of it?
  7. price per stack and how much u need?
  8. How much do you have?
  9. just started collecting planning to get 4 chest full but i have 1 chest full now :D
  10. Im going to need all 4 of those chests. 3k?
  11. no way that 14r a stack i can get 48r a stack
  12. how much are you asking then? and dont rip me off
  13. how about 10k?
  14. Take a look at 9000 suppliers area, you might want to sell your stone/stonebrick there!
  15. I'll pay your price of 10.5k for the 4 chests full.
  16. Dont take my deal
  17. don't take your deal and btw 9000 is not as good as pth res to sell