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  1. Hey guys i thought i would offer stone in bulk for you all. Here are the prices.

    dc of stone: 3500
    sc of stone: 1800
    dc of stone bricks: 3500
    sc of stone bricks: 1800
    dc of cobble: 2000
    sc of cobble: 1100

    order like dis
    What u want:
    Pickup or dropoff (Free dropoff):
    Why i am cool:
  2. Ign:EquableHook624
    What u want DC of cobble
    Pickup or dropoff (Free drop off) Pickup
    Why i am cool:Because of your signature
  3. Ign: thrall164
    What u want: DC of stone
    Price: 3500
    Pickup or dropoff (Free dropoff): pickup?
    Why i am cool: yolo
  4. Your order is ready. Chest is set up at 4321 smp2. however you need to pay please upon purchase
  5. What I want: DC of cobble (I'm pretty lazy, lul)
    Price: 2,000r
    Pickup or Drop off: Drop off at my second res, and if possible, can I give you coords to go to to deliver it? :p
    Why I am cool: Because I like mist alot.
  6. bump. neon your order will be finished shortly. I will only deliver to town on servers unless you wish to pay a bit more for delivery to wild
  7. Ign:
    What u want: dc of stone
    Price: 3500
    Pickup or dropoff (Free dropoff): pickup pls
    Why i am cool: u r 2 kewl 2 spell u probirly
  8. Order is ready. 4321 smp2! Please pay on pickup if you havent already
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  9. Order is ready and has been for a while. Please pay upon pickup at 4321 smp2