Stone/Cobblestone Generator

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  1. Hello, everyone!
    I am looking to get a stone/cobblestone generator. If you would like to make me one I will pay but please leave a picture of what it will look like. I do not want a simple one a fairly good one with pistons.
  2. I could help u out. I will post a pic when I get home. How much will the pay be?
  3. There is a few public gens smp5 has one for sure ;)
  4. Up to $1000
  5. You already have one? If not I'll make one that also looks cool and is very effective.
  6. Do you have a picture and I dont have one done yet
  7. Well, build one here, but that res is cleaned due inactivity, so can't take a picture anymore.
    My design is a tower with 4 teleporters. Made for lazy people ;p
  8. OK, do you play on SMP4
  9. I have never been good with redstone nor have I been good at creating farms like a stone machine.

    All I can do is leaving you with this:
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  10. This is the one I made. Sometimes it turns the lava to cobble, so I have to stop it to "fix" it and sometimes the caparator just flashes when I flip the lever. So I have to relog to "reset" it. Other than that, it works great. The width of this one is 14, it's original size is 7. It moves pretty fast, so you have to stop it, before it reaches its limit. Of course, you could make a single line and stand in front of it to mine as it pushes. Have a stream of water under it that runs to hoppers to pick up what you mine.
  11. *1000r
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  12. Yes I keep forgetting that
  13. How much do you want for this? Do I have to supply anything?
  14. If you can't supply the stuff, I can get it, just let me know.

    So did you want the 14 width one or the 7? The width would determine how many pistons/sticky pistons/repeaters, I would need.

    I'm off for the evening, so just let me know.

  15. Well, you got some choice now. here are some pics i made from a example in creative mode. You teleport up and axe your way down. New teleport will be waiting to bring you back up and work your way down again. It works on redstone, so you'll have a turn on/off switch for it.

  16. If you can supply it, it would be awesome and name your price with all the materials you have to get.
  17. How much R and could you supply the stuff? I could supply it if you cant though.
  18. With the smooth stone generator, you can have both stone and cobble...just sayin. lol

    But you still hadn't answered the question, do you want the generator to be 14 width or 7 width?

    Well I have the stuff for 14 or 7, let me know where you want this.

  19. Give me 1500 and I'll bring the stuff myself :)