Stone by the DC or SC

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  1. !!!ALWAYS IN STOCK!!!
    Double Chest of Stone or Cobble

    Cost: 3.5k (cobble is 3k for DC)

    Single Chest of Stone or Cobble
    Cost: 1.75k (cobble is 1.5k for SC)

    I will only do cobble if it is requested by you (the buyer) i will not be stocked in cobble at all time. If you want cobble say so in the comments and ill get what you need. I need up to 48 hours to complete some orders, if i dont get back to you in 48 hours after you order, i will deduct 250r. It is also important that you pick up your order within 24 hours of me saying i have it, otherwise i will sell to the next waiting customer.

    I will now implement orders, the setup is as follows:
    # Of DC:
    Deliver to res (optional, costs an extra 50r): [Can deliver to all but smp3]

    In stock: 2DC

    Satisfied Customer count- 6
    Customer Count- 6
  2. i liked this. good non overpriced stone. once i payed he set up the chests when i went to his res.
  3. Thanks for the stone, its an amazing price :D
  4. Where can I pickup
  5. Payed and received my stone after about 5 min. Thats mah review :p
    Lol if you found this, this is my real review:
    The service was really good. Like I said before, I received my stone promptly and securely. Plus it was EXTREMELY cheap! I most likely will buy a lot more stone from him in the future!

  6. Bump! Stone in stock!
  7. DC of cobble in stock! Cobble will now be 3k per DC!
  8. I'd like a sc of stone. Thanks
  9. OK, IT is ready! Pickup at 5136 on Utopia! chest will be setup after payment.
  10. I will pay and pick up tomorrow
  11. Well I paid
  12. ok chest is set up :)
  13. Tomorrow I will pick up
  15. DC of Cobble still in stock!