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  1. I have made a village on smp1 for the homeless members to create themselfs a house but unfortunately somebody has decided to steal from every boady and they won't stop we have tried hiding our things but we still got robbed over 12 thousand rupees worth of goods have been stolen! Any ideas of how we can get our stuff back and put a stop to this? Much thanks newo88
  2. Hmmmmm maybe (and I'm just brainstorming here) you can hide someone and have them take screenshots of everybody who enters the res that's in the homeless village and keep a look out for a person/people who go to house to house and go inside them and then send the screenshots to you and see whos doing it and ban them from your res?

    But then again.......that could frame someone.
  3. This village is on your residence, correct? You can remove container permissions from everyone and replace it with Access signs. :)
  4. I know this was my first thred when I was new to the server, when it was only smp1 and we didn't have access signs the probolem is partially solved now all I get at the moment is people striping down my farms, glowstone lamps and stealing sticky pistons, but it has been a few weeks since that last happened, it would be good if you could do separate protected land within your plot for things like this. I have been slowly going through the server lists and pm people to make sure it's ok to remove the eights and strip their house as everybody now has a res , as I set it up during the srcamble for resedences. When smp1 was the empire. But theirs no more need for that so I am un claiming houses now were possible and making a permission wipe every few weeks so only the dedicated come back.