Stolen Animals

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  1. Hello all. I'm new to EMC and I wanted to first say that I've thoroughly enjoyed my time so far and getting to know some of you. Most everyone I have met has been extremely helpful and friendly. I had a quick question about an apparent issue with my animals though!

    I noticed yesterday that the two squid that I had captured and placed into my residence's pool had disappeared. I didn't think much of it and thought maybe they just went poof. However this morning I noticed that my two still "wild" ocelots had vanished from their pens even though I had them securely fenced in. Finally this evening I logged back in and found that my three "wild" wolves had been stolen from their pens as well.

    Is this normal? Can others come to my lot and eggify my animals? Or maybe somebody tamed them before I had a chance to? Sorry for the long winded post but if anyone has any suggestions on how I can better secure my animals it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Animals are glitchy, mostly if their babys. Squids also de-spawn all the time.
  3. Squid and wild ocelots will despawn on their own. You have to tame an ocelot to keep it from despawning.
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  4. No one can "Eggify unless you let them. Tame wild animals and they will not normally despawn,
  5. If you dont want them to disappear maybe you need to tame them so that they dont de-spawn
  6. There is nothing you can do about squid and ocelots despawning. They just do.

    All the other animals are glitchy and can glitch through walls and fences. The best idea is to put them into very deep pens with a water push back system to keep them away from walls.
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  7. Thank you everyone for your responses and info.
  8. Since I have not I will say: Welcome yo you fine sir ;)

    To answer your question most of these other fine people have answered it for you :p