Stockers needed.

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  1. I need stockers of every single block. Any businesses out there who want some quick easy rupees? Prices are negotiable please PM me.
  2. If there are people who dont know how to spell, they might interpret that as "Stalkers". Id love to help stock your shop, but I cant because I have school.
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  3. which server? just do a buy/sell shop, and then everyone will stock
  4. i can and will help keep you stocked. i have sooooo much cobble, stone, glass, and much much more.
  5. Thats what I first thought when I read it, I knew he meant he wanted people to stock his shop but, yeah.
  6. I thought the title was "Stalkers Needed."
  7. Thats what I was saying.
  8. Hey buddy!
    I would offer you my services but I have two malls to stock :(
  9. I would like to help but until I get my shop built and ready to be open, I can't help. Srry about that.
  10. Okay. Main reason for this: i have school too :p
    Anybody who does have interest, please PM me. (Start a Conversation)