Stockers needed at 2573

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Public Laboratory for all use

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No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
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  1. Hey guys, JMB6362 back with another upkeep problem...

    I really need some stockers at 2573... I need help stocking these items..
    • Wood
    • Building Blocks
    I could really use the help. I will pay for each stack Depending on this price as selling (Half the price im using for my shop..)
    Thanks! Edit: Fixed Font
  2. Might i suggest using a different text color?:D
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  3. Agreed, every time I see that color, I have to squint to see what it says. Not sure if it's just the black background, but I really hate it.
    Edit: sorry if I seem mean, but is jmb's thumbnail made in paint?
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  4. Sortof
  5. I went to sell some wood..... the door no workie.....
  6. Shoot forgot to give use to all. I'll be on soon to get that. Sorry, I've been very drowsy lately
  7. Lol, its all good :p
  8. I'll be on that after class.