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Is this usefull?

Yes 10 vote(s) 90.9%
No 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Does anyone know how possible a stock market type of plugin would be for the empire, like, taking all the sales of all products and finding the average of them to help players find an average price in the changing market.
  2. I have always wanted something like this to come at the empire, but this is most likely going to be very complicated to create and maintain.
    But I am definitely in favor of stock markets!
  3. i would love this to happen.
    being able to compare prices cross server and have a median price of at least the common primary items would be good
  4. This is a very good idea :)
  5. another idea is a forum page that people could post there prices and then someone could have a list of them and adjust prices
  6. The Shop system Aikar proposed a year or so ago would have been similar:

    I think he still plans to do something like that eventually. A lot of people felt threatened by it at the time but maybe we are ready now. There were aspects I did and did not like about it that apply to this as well.

    What I think it would help is make it so you don't have to build a spreadsheet or memorize as much. It would take some guesswork out and give us confidence in putting a value on items. It wopuld take out the footwork of going from looking and visiting places. At the same time I feel it would take away the freedom I have. I would feel obligated to price around the middle.

    That could work both ways. Someone could complain that I am too high compared to the index, and at the same time, I could defend a price using it.

    Probably the thing I would miss the most with a tool like this is the skills that it involves. Without it, you have to be able to find and judge a shop as well as the player(s) running it to determine whether a price is significant. Having something automated might remove our need to interact with the game and other players. You might no longer be looking at town chat to see where shops are, looking at a shops's layout, or the player themselves and instead just interacting with numbers.

    I don't think the prices would skew too much in either direction. For every dingdong that puts a sign on an empty chest to sell diamonds for 1R, there's going to be another selling Dirt blocks for 500R.

    I can see advantages and disadvantages, but probably fall on the negative side on this. It would really depend on how it was implemented.
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  7. I could just see someone and their friend selling a 1M rupee diamond to each other :/

    They would have to scrap the 10 highest sales and the 10 lowest sales(each player can only make a "sale" one at a certain players shop.)

    Eg: bob can only be recorded once at Joes shop for diamonds.
  8. Seriously thought you meant an actual stock market.

    Anyways, no. Most players on EMC don't really care much for rupees, only if they REALLY want something, so I wouldn't want to be annoyed by a message that pops up everytime I log in saying "Stockmarket last updated ##/##/##"
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