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Would you like to see EMC have a stock market?

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Yes, a stock market would be good for EMC. 5 vote(s) 38.5%
No, a stock market would NOT be good for EMC. 6 vote(s) 46.2%
It doesn't matter, I don't care. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. OK, we all know that EMC is super economical.Am I wrong? Well here is an idea that I think will make EMC even more awesome!The Stock Market. It will be an awesome way to get rupees!
    How it works:
    OK, first, the average number of shop sales a member gets a day is 20.
    So, if you have a stock for your business, you will want to get 20 sales or higher, if not, your stock will go down some.The starting price for all stocks will be 10 rupees. Here is an example:
    Jimmy_Bob_Joe has a new stock and a shop. He makes 17 sales(individual items) on Monday, therefor(since the average is 20) his stock goes down 3 rupees. Making his stock now worth 7 rupees.The next day(Tuesday), he makes 25 sales. Therefor his stock is 12 rupees b/c: 7+5= 12.
    Pretty simple and easy. A fast way to earn some rupees.
    If you wish to create a stock the price will be 1000 rupees.(What I think the price should be.)
    I was thinking this should be run by the server somehow and it should be server-wide.
    Tell me what you think!

    P.S. I was reading a Game Informer magazine and it was listing the top ten criminals in video game history, and guess what number one was?(What you are thinking:Bowser,Gigantatorff-misspelled, etc.)
    Thanks to sneeker134 for helping me with this idea.
  2. that would be cool, but i dont think it could intergrate with iconomy
  3. Sure it would.
  4. Thunder, tell me how it WOULDN'T integrate with iconomy.
  5. We don't use iConomy anymore. Or at least our version is different enough that it couldn't be classified under the same name.

    And about the idea, I don't think stocks would work properly as somebody could isolate their shop for a day and get extremely low prices on his/her stock then afterwards that person could have a friend buy dirt for 1r a massive amount and create massive increases in stock price. I could buy 75,000 stocks at 1r apiece (due to bad trends) and then sell 75,000 stocks at 500r apiece.
  6. This is more of a relative idea, but I agree. There must be a way to fix those issues
  7. Another issue is multiple accounts. Someone could make their own shop and use another account to manipulate the system....buying everything out, using the pay option to pay himself back, repeat.
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  8. When we break the game down to its most basic form it is essentially a mining and creative building game. Servers like EMC have introduced economy systems to allow players who wish to focus more on building then on mining, to buy their materials and tools needed to create. This shop system is an extremely valuable and versatile tool for all players on EMC, but I feel that banks, stock markets, and other ideas/proposals centralised around the accumulation of wealth without buying/selling personally obtained items really takes away the core idea of mining and building.
    These are my personal opinions only are are not necessarily the opinions shared by other staff and general empire public :)
  9. Hash is obviously a member of the capitalistic secret bank. Trying to get the glorious Empire to give into the evil capitalist way so they can control and steal all of the little people's wealth.
  10. Good point Shuan and Jeremy.
  11. What?
  12. Guess nobody seems to like it much..... Well, it DOES have some holes, as you guys have pointed out. Now that I think about it, it works in real life well because there are so many more people
  13. yea, i got 2 accounts
  14. I have 4 accounts, I could seriously screw with this. Not that I would though.