Still Alive!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by ChaosMadis, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. I wanted to make this thread for 2 reason's.

    Reason 1 to let people know that I am still alive and here. Because I am using a laptop and the mouse I have with me has decided to be a..... jerk (wanted to use something else but thought better of it) playing mine craft was kind of hard to do. But I will be back on the server tomorrow at some point.

    Reason 2 I am not going to into much detail about this part as to be honest if you want to know more just ask me in a pm and I will tell you. But I did get a new headset while I have been visiting family which means once I work up the nerve I will join the mumble. I say once I work up the nerve because I do hate my voice for reasons that can be both hard and easy for me to talk about. Like I said if you want to know more talk to me in a private message (Or read my about me section and ask questions in a pm if you want to know more)

    Any-who again I am still alive and I will be back in the game soon!
  2. So an Update...... I did make it home and upon finally getting thing's settled I opened my head set to get everything working. However It is useless at the moment as it has one plug in for the Mic and the ear phones. So for now I will have to wait to get a special spliter before t will work. Anyway I may still try to get on mumble with my messed up mic but I cant guarantee it will always work XD.