Sticky pistons aren't pulling gravel?

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  1. Okay so I need help guys, with trying to see what the issue is with this.

    I've been making a mechanism with redstone, it uses a clock, and there are sticky pistons connected to the clock. Anway - sticky pistons appear to PUSH the gravel, however, they won't pull it back. Without a torch connected, the piston is still released.

    I tried it on single player and everything works fine so it's just an EMC (SMP2 issue). It's also just gravel (not sure about sand), no other block.

    Is this something to do with the piston glitching after 1.3 - if so, I thought this was fixed?



    Help me, please! D: Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Wierd bug,Have you tried it on any other server say Utopia?
  3. According to wiki a sticky piston should be able to pull / push a gravel
  4. Yeh, this happened to sand as well. I tested it out on SMP1 and no luck. For me the sticky pistons don't even push or pull no matter what wiring you do.
  5. Don't need to anymore haha :/
    Yeah, I know but it was working fine before, now it's stopped :/
  6. Aikar said that he blocked sand/gravel because its used in gens to stop hackers its not a bug
  7. Ohhh... That kinda makes sense...
  8. Were is this said?
  9. SMP5 Yesterday.
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  10. It makes sense but I'll wait for him to confirm.
  11. Like fellyboy said its true I was there too :p
  12. That sucks - but are you sure? I'm pretty sure it was working earlier today, pistons were pulling gravel. This needs to be enabled again though if it's true... I'm making a semi-auto tree farm and we're vanilla right?
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  13. Answering for fellyboy as he is on Fifa. Yeah im sure he did it with sand/gravel because Mojang arnt doing anything about it so he will but your correct vanilla Minecraft should let us use sand/gravel with pistons
  14. I'm not sure - it was working earlier :/
  15. You know them mass reboots? Thats the update
  16. Huh? I never saw one. I don't see the point of stopping it, we're vanilla. :/ Dupers get caught.
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  17. I personally didn't even know you could duplicate sand xD
  18. That's a good thing :)
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  19. I tried on my bukkit server and it didnt work
  20. Well. I'm not to sure if they are gonna put it back. I mean. I would like it put back but, is it doing that much harm?